Cinephilia Quiz- Cycle 2: The Drunken Celluloid Quiz

Hi all,

I am starting the second cycle of Cinephilia quizzes. The cycle will consist of four quizzes and will try to make it an weekly affair.

Today is the Drunken Celluloid quiz. It may be about films where alcoholics are significant characters or about real personalities with liver issues themselves. I’ve always believed that the alcohol issues suffered by some of the brightest of our minds was not their problem but that of the society that was not evolved enough to accommodate them. So I’ll just quote one of the best lines to have come put of Indian music industry in the 21st century and start the quiz.


Put your answers as comments.

They are being moderated and will be published only after the deadline.

You can make multiple attempts and in case of conflicts your last answer will be taken as final.

Every question is worth 10 points irrespective of difficulty level (for ease of calculation).


After a complete cycle, the top three cumulative score holders will win Flipkart Vouchers worth INR 300, 200 & 100.


Sunday Midnight.

The Drunken Celluloid Quiz

1. It is a film that has a unique achievement in the festival circuit. Adapted from a novel, it was apparently conceived by the director during a train ride when he purchased and read the novel during the journey. An unusual affair for its times, it also alarmed the lead actor and he was advised against taking up the role. But nevertheless, he went ahead and reaped benefits for the same. Identify the film.

2. He started his career with a prominent auteur of Indian cinema. He soon moved to Bollywood and played several insignificant roles in various Hindi films. But afterwards a certain talent of his got noticed and the same was utilized again and again by various filmmakers. Even till date he is remembered for these roles only.

3. He had an opportunity to sing a particular song that was penned almost 80 years ago. While playback facility was available, he chooses to sing it live and also act on the same, thus making it one of his most memorable performances. Who’s he and what was the song?

4. Apparently this Indian film has only one surviving copy, that too in another country. And even that copy is partially destroyed. Nevertheless, it remains a path breaking film in terms of technique and treatment in the early days of Indian cinema. Identify.


Signs of profound melancholia and unmistakable, self-destructive alcoholism… whose lines are these?

6. X was one of the early directors of Bollywood who achieved significant commercial success early on his career, only to receive setbacks later. The leading roles in almost all of his films were played by the same actor. Y once worked under him in a film but later on achieved success on his own. It is believed that Y’s film Z is inspired by X’s life but one can also find uncanny resemblance of the film with Y’s own life. Identify X,Y,Z.

7. Some of his books were published posthumously after he killed himself. They were mostly completed by one of his relatives. . He even wrote an episode for an animated TV series but he is known for his debut novel published a few years before his death. Who’s he? How does he fit into this quiz?

8. Sitter: The poster of which upcoming film based on a semi-autobiographical novel?

9. Apparently he was never an alcoholic. But still he fits nicely into this quiz. At one point of time he became so popular that he acted in a film named after himself. Legend has it that once he arrived at the sets of a film, showed his acting prowess playing a drunkard and forced the writer/director to change the script to accommodate a new character for him. Who?

10. Deviating a bit… not exactly films… but the events shown here provided fodder for a lot of Hollywood movies. What is happening here or to be precise which era do they belong to?


1. Billy Wilder’s The Lost Weekend (1945). The Lost Weekend and Marty (1955) are the only films ever to win both the Academy Award for Best Picture and the highest award at the Cannes Film Festival.

2. Keshto Mukherjee

3. K L Saigal…. Babul Mora by Wazid Ali Shah

4. Pramathesh Barua’s Devdas… The only remaining copy is in Bangladesh film archives…

5. Meena Kumari of course. She also recited it and recorder an album called I Write, I Recite.

6. X=Gyan Mukherjee who gave arguably the 1st blockbuster of Bollywood, Kismet. Y=Guru Dutt, Z=Kagaz Ke Phool

7. John O’Brien who wrote Leaving Las Vegas.

8. Rum Diaries based on Hunter P Thomson…. Kinda follow up to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

9. Johnny Walker

10. The Prohibition Era… quite a few crime/gangster films have been based on this period… too many to name…

Thanks for Playing…

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16 thoughts on “Cinephilia Quiz- Cycle 2: The Drunken Celluloid Quiz

  1. Hengul Dutta

    4. Sikkim by Satyajit Ray.

    6. X- Shakti Samanta, Y- Shammi Kapoor, Z-???.

    8. Rum Diary.

    9. Johnny Walker.

    10. Prohibition Era.

  2. Pratyush

    1) Trainspotting? except all your q’s seem to be from Bollywood …
    2) Keshto Mukherjee (who never drank in real life)
    3) Ashok Kumar, forgetting the song name …
    5 & 6) both seem to be Gurudutt
    8) reserve for later, I know this …
    9) Mehmood
    10) Prohibition

  3. arindam

    1)Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf
    2)Keshto Mukherjee
    3)Rang Barse-Amitabh Bachchan
    4)Devdas by Promothesh Barua
    5)Meena Kumari
    6)X-Guru Dutt,Y-Johny Bakshi,Z-Khudai
    7)John o Brien
    8)The Rum Diary
    9)Johnny Walker
    10)Prohibition Era

  4. Lord Mani

    My answers

    1. Devdas
    2. Keshto Mukherjee.
    3. Faltu guess: Mere angane mein tumhara kya kaam hai? Amitabh Bachchan.
    4. Pramathesh Baruah’s Devdas? The only surviving print is in Bangladesh, I think. Had read it long ago in Amar Asom.
    5. Meena Kumari.
    6. X = Gyan Mukherjee, Y = Guru Dutt, Z = Kaagaz Ke Phool
    7. Ernest Hemingway?
    8.Rum Diary
    9. Johnny Walker
    10. Prohibition era in the United States (1920-33). In picture you have the Detroit Police confiscating a brewery.

    Lord Mani


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