Dus Gunaah

Dus Gunaah: The Indian Crime and Pop Culture Quiz


This is a quiz on Indian criminals, murderers, serial killers, bandits and scandals with certain pop cultural associations. There are 10 questions. Follow the usual rules.

Post your answers as comments. They will be visible only after approval.


1. Sitter to start with: His urban robberies were stuff of legends. Once he borrowed the plot from a James Hadley Chase novel which he had read in prison. He decided to loot money from the government milk scheme in a bid to gain recognition from the leaders of the underworld. His gang stole a car and conducted the robbery. The stolen vehicle abandoned exactly as described in the Chase novel. The day he was bumped off by the police, he was planning to visit his girlfriend who was a widow with two children. He is now forgotten but nevertheless he inspired a film with a larger than life (Anti)hero. ID the guy and the film. 2 Points.

2. They were four badass friends. They studied together, hanged around together and yes, killed together. They were known to have committed at least 10 murders in a period of 14 months in the late 70’s. They terrorized the entire city with their brutality. They used the same technique for each and every killing and they did it with an intention to rob the valuables. Two of the most famous assaults of them were on two families X and Y and that is why these incidents were known as XY murders. In both cases they eliminated the whole families by strangulating them with ropes. Also in both cases the last person was stripped naked and asked to show the valuables in the household before being killed. They were finally caught and hanged after a long legal process that lasted almost six years. It is believed to have inspired a film which itself ran into serious problems. ID the XY and the film. 2 Points.

3. He killed many. In fact he did not exactly remember how many he’d killed. His targets were mostly the people from lower strata of the society. He was mentally unstable, he lived in the jungle near the city and roamed around at night to kill. Not much is known about his early life. He was not hanged due to his mental condition. A budding filmmaker made a documentary on him which impressed a producer and thus got his big break. He went on to make more critically acclaimed films. ID the serial killer and the director. 2 Points.

4. He was a fearsome Chambal dacoit. He vowed to cut off noses of people and sacrifice them to Maa Kali. He in fact cut off the noses of many people. But it is said that the day he died in an encounter, his own nose was chopped off by a bullet. His name is the same as a fabled silver screen bandit although the depiction in the film was mostly fictional. ID. 2 Points.

5. Connect: 2 Points.

6. He is Jain but is a devotee of Maa Kali. More confusing is his clientele that is believed to be ranging from Elizabeth Taylor to Adnan Khasoggi at one point of time. His good times were over by 1996 but at his peak, he walked the corridors of power and hobnobbed with the most powerful people of the country. ID. 1 Point.

7. Connect: (Events from early part of the last decade) 2 Points.

8. Easy one: ID the guy with Dilip Kumar 1 Point.

9. She was an attractive girl who sang and danced at village gatherings. She was abducted by a gang of Dacoits. She fell in love with the gang leader and stayed with the gang. She learned how to hold the gun and how to kill. But her lover was bumped off as a result of an internal conspiracy. The victor could now have her. But she was not one to relent. She hatched a counter plot and eliminated the villain and got another guy to jointly lead the gang. During an encounter with police she lost one hand but that did not stop her. A B-Grade film was made in 1970s based on her life. 2 Points.

10. This final question is does not have a pop culture connect. Just couldn’t resist it!
He was born in a Brahmin family and was known by his somewhat effeminate nickname. Legend has it that he was even good with astrology. He advised his gang leader against going towards a certain direction. But he did and paid the price in an encounter. He became the leader himself after this incident. He was brutal and he his hands trembled if he din’t get to kill for a long period of time. While his guru was called “Raja” by people, he was called “Maharaj” during his heydays. Nevertheless he could not see his own future and was killed in an encounter in 1959. Seen here is a temple dedicated to him in his native palace. ID. 2 Points.



So, here are the answers of the quiz.

1. Manya Surve, Agneepath
2. Joshi Abhayankar Murders, somewhat inspired Paanch which ran into censorship troubles
3. Raman Raghav, Sriram Raghavan
4. Gabbar Singh
5. The Tandoor Murder case or Naina Sahni case… the idea was inspired by Surendra Mohan Pathak’s Novel Mawali… Culprit Sushil Sharma was a member of Youth Congress
6. Chandraswami, who else?
7. The home Trade Scam… they launched a huge advertising campaign… three different ads with these three stars but without any apprent product or service…
8. Haji Mastan
9. Putli Bai, she was abducted by Sultan Singh who was killed by Babu Lohari. She got Babu Lohari killed and started to live with Pahada who was killed in an encounter. Then she moved on with Kalla (Kalyan Singh). After her death Kalla continued and was later killed in another encounter. (Some info I remember from the book Abhishapta Chambal by Tarun Kumar Bhaduri, a book that gave me nightmares when I was in 6th std). Jaymala played the role in the film.
10. Roop Narain Sharma (Roopa Maharaj)… disciple of Raja Maan Singh

Had a good response with 15 unique entries this time.

Navadeep Baruah 4
Nayanjyoti Medhi 11
Sandipan Goswami 4
Amrit Pritom Chetiya 15
Rithwik K 9
Kapinjal Sharma 7
Arunav Chowdhury 1
Supratim Sengupta 3
Chiranjit Gam 3
Harsha VS 13
Kapinjal Chowdhury 10
Daktar Vinay 16
MIT Chowdhury 6
Arindam Phukan 14
Arpit Mehta 9

Daktar Vinay gets to have Koffe with Kala Shetty
Amrit Pritom Chetiya is the lucky one who gets Margarita with Monica Bedi
Arindam Phukan can sip Black Russian with Babloo Srivastav…

Hope these meetings turn out to be a good learning experience for you.

Thanks for playing.

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24 thoughts on “Dus Gunaah: The Indian Crime and Pop Culture Quiz

  1. nogu

    1.agneepath…..manya surve!obaish qstn dood
    2.film paanch…..baki nop
    3.pyscho raman n sriram raghavan…jhonny gaddar director
    4.gabbar singh
    6.maharaj chandra swami ji…who else
    8.haji mastan
    10.man singh has mandir and one of his disciples too…forgot name…raja tu man singhok koisil….may be rupa

    baki try kori asu…tym lagibo


  2. nogu

    5.tandoor murder case….d guy was an youth congress woker
    7.maybe sum brand or promotion they were involved in which turned out to be a fraud…dunno

  3. Sandipan Goswami

    1. Film- Agneepath
    2. Film- Paanch by Anurag Kashyap
    3. The Stoneman
    4. Gabbar Singh
    8. Haji Mastan
    9. Seemapur ki Seeta

  4. amrit

    1.manya surve-agneepath.
    2.joshi-abhayankar murders. paanch.
    3.raman raghav.sriram raghavan?
    4. gabbar singh,for sure.
    5. the naina sahni case-naina husband,sushil was a youth congress leader.and of course the tandoor.
    6. chandra swami.khashoggi does the trick.
    7.this has something to do with the mumbai underworld and the nicknames used by the underworld for them(hakla,chikna etc)??. i dont know what exactly.
    8.haji mastan.
    9.jayamala,urf putlibai.
    10.roop narain sharma,roopa dacait,maan singh’s chela.

  5. Rithwik

    1.Manya Surve,Agneepath
    2.Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders , Paanch
    3.Raman Raghav,Sriram Raghavan
    4.Man Singh,Daku Man Singh
    8.Haji Masthan
    10.Man Singh

  6. Supratim Sengupta

    2. Gang
    5. The Naina Sahni murder case – Tandoor – Sushil Sharma – Youth Congress
    6.Charles Sobhraj
    8.Haji Mastan
    9. Reshma aur Shera ?

  7. Harsha

    1.manya surve. Agneepath
    2.Joshi-Abhyankar, Paanch
    3.Raman Raghav, Sriram Raghavan
    4. Gabbar Singh
    5. Tandoor case – Naina Sahni murdered by Sushil Sharma
    8.Haji Mastan
    10. Roop Narain Sharma

  8. kapinjal chowdhury

    brilliant set.

    1. manya surve, agneepath.
    2. joshi-abhyankar murder case, paanch is that unreleased film.
    3. raman raghav is the serial killer and sriram rghavan is the director, ek hasina thi,johny gaddar fame…

    4 nirbhay gujjar.
    5. tandoor murder case, tandoor.
    6. chandraswami.
    7. charles shobraj.
    8. haji mastan, once upon a time in mumbai.
    10. daku man sing.

  9. arindam

    1) Manya Surve who inspired Amitabh’s character in Agneepath
    2) Joshi and Abhyankar, the film being Paanch
    3) Raman Raghav by director Sriram Raghavan
    4)Gabbar Singh (Sholay)
    5) Tandoor Murder case in which youth Congress leader Sushil Sharma murdered his wife and burnt her in a tandoor. The novel is probably based on it?
    6) Chandraswami
    7) Anything to do with Rakesh Roshan being shot?
    8)Hazi Mastaan
    9) Putli Bai
    10) Maan Singh

  10. daktar

    5. Tandoor reminds me of the Naina Sahni murder case. Maybe the novel was named the same or borrowed its plot from the incident. No idea about the third pic. Btw, there was also a Doga comic by the name of tandoor (with same borrowed story!)

  11. arpit mehta

    1. Manya Surve
    2. Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders, Film – Paanch
    4. Man Singh, film – Daku Man Singh
    5. The Connect is Tandoor Scandal……Mawali got idea form this scandal
    6. Chandraswami
    8. Haji Mastan
    10. Roopa, Chambal Valley in Uttar Pradesh


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