Cinephilia Quiz 3: Bollywood Inspirations and Adaptations

Hi all,

Today’s quiz is about Bollywood “inspirations”. ’nuff said!


Put your answers as comments.

They are being moderated and will be published only after the deadline.

You can make multiple attempts and in case of conflicts your last answer will be taken as final.

Every question is worth 10 points irrespective of difficulty level (for ease of calculation).


After a three month cycle, the top three cumulative score holders will be given certain prizes. The nature of prizes are still being decided. (Please moderate your expectations, my resources are limited!!!)


24 hours from the moment of publishing.



1. This 2009 British coming of age film is based on autobiographical accounts of a journalist. A winner and nominee of multiple awards, it tells the story of a young London girl in the 1960s who falls in love with an older man. While it is yet to “inspire” a complete Bollywood film, its poster shown below has already been ripped off by a 2010 Bollywood film. Name both the films.

2. This 1963 Hitchcockian thriller was not directed by Hitchcock. It was directed by a person better known for musical comedies. It stars two of the biggest stars of Hollywood and is noted for multiple twists and turns. It was ripped off by Bollywood in an 2003 film that starred two star kids, who unfortunately never turned out to be stars themselves. The director of this version is also better known as the brother of a more illustrious technician and director. It also featured a raunchy item song that compared love to chili pepper. Name both the films.

3. Ghajini’s “inspiration” is well known. But it has also paid tribute to a much acclaimed 2001 film in a scene where the female lead escorts a blind man through the street while offering him a vivid description of the people around him. Identify this film.

4. This 2004 French action film is basically a showcase for a certain form of extreme sport that involves acrobatic ways of moving from one place to another through urban landscapes. Most of its stunts including the climax were ripped off in a 2006 Indian film. Identify both.

5. This 2007 Hindi comedy film was a remake of a 1998 French film adapted from a play of the same name. It also received an official Hollywood remake in 2010. The makers of the Bollywood film also released a sequel a few weeks ago, buoyed by the success of the first installment. Identify the films.

6. This 1961 action adventure war film was based on a best selling novel by an author who himself had seen action in WWII. It has a notable climactic action sequence where some of the characters climb a steep cliff to outflank the enemies. Now, a 2004 Bollywood film has a strikingly similar climax. Name both the films.

7. This 1988 film is based on certain real events in a Southern US state in the 1960s. A 2010 Bollywood film is based on some burning issues faced by India and directed by someone known more for his comedies. However the plot of this film is identical to the Hollywood film. Identify both.

8. This cult thriller of 1990s is mainly noted for its twist ending as well as a memorable performance by one of the actors who went on to win an Oscar for the role. A 2005 Bollywood film that claimed itself to be “The most powerful film of the year” for some obscure reasons, ripped off the entire plot. It only changed the name of a Japanese character to the name of an acclaimed film and also moved the setting to London. The only good thing it did was to introduce a female character who prefers to get wet and croon in skimpy attires in the dreaded cold of December. Identify both films.

9. Although it deals with the themes of infidelity, this 1960s film turns out to be a feel good drama with its delectable lead pair. It was also the last film of its kind to achieve a certain feat at the Academy Awards. It contributed a major portion of the plot in a 2007 Bollywood film that sought to attract overseas audiences owing to one of its stars who achieved fame in UK for totally uncinematic reasons. Identify both the films.

10. Identify this classic 1930s film that has at least two versions in Bollywood, one released in the 1950s and one in the 1990s.



1. An Education & Anjana Anjani

2. Charade & Chura Liya Hai Tumne
Bonus Clip

3. Amelie

4. Banlieue 13…. 2006 Indian film was Pokiri, which of course was remade into Wanted…

5. Bheja Fry and Le Diner de Cons…

6. Guns of Navarone & Lakshya

7. Mississipi Burning & Aakrosh

8. The Usual suspect & Chocolate
Bonus Clips…

9. The Apartment & Life in a Metro

10. It Happened One Night, Chori Chori & Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi.

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21 thoughts on “Cinephilia Quiz 3: Bollywood Inspirations and Adaptations

  1. anish passi

    1. an education, anjaana anjaani
    2. Chura liya hai tumne, charade
    3. amelie
    4. district 13 – dhoom 2???
    5. dhamaal or bheja fry??? will go with Bheja Fry
    6. Guns of Navarone, Lakshya – i think
    7. Mississippi Burning, Aakrosh
    8. The Usual Suspects, Chocolate – sitter
    9. The Apartment, Life in a metro
    10.It happened one night

    good clues, good questions!

  2. bhaskar

    1.trying.. :)
    2.Charade/Chura Liya Hai Tumne.
    4.trying.. :)
    5.Bheja Fry/Le Diner De Cons
    7.Mississippi Burning/Aakrosh
    8.The Usual Suspects/Chocolate
    10.It Happened one night inspired Chori Chori and Dil Hai ki Manta Nehi.

  3. amrit

    1. an education. anjaana anjaani.
    2. charade. chura liya hai tumne.
    3. amelie.
    4. banlieue 13. wanted.
    5.le diners de cons-bheja fry-dinner for schmucks.
    6. the guns of navarone. lakshya.
    7.mississippi burning. aakrosh.
    8.the ususal suspeccts. chocolate.
    9. the apartment. life in a metro.
    10. it happened one night, dil hai ki manta nahin,chori chori.

  4. Debashri

    Jitu, I am writing whatever I can remember right now…. I have to think about the others… but before I forget, here are some of my answers:

    1. ‘An Education’. Vaise, ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ was also an education in how not to make a film :).
    2. The Hindi film is ‘Chura Liya Hai Tumne’… the angrezi one…. I can’t remember the name…
    3. ‘Amelie’
    5. ‘Bheja Fry'; ‘Le Diner de Cons’
    7. This one makes me cry. ‘Mississippi Burning’… ‘Aakrosh’. Huh!
    8. I think this is ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘Chocolate’ but … I can’t remember what Kobayashi was renamed…
    9. ‘The Apartment’ and ‘Life in a Metro’
    10. ‘It Happened One Night’, ‘Chori Chori’ and ‘Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin’

  5. Parikshit

    1.An Education/Anjaana Anjaani.
    2.Charade/Chura Liya Hain Tumne.
    5.Le Diner de Cons/Dinner for Schmucks/Bheja Fry/Bheja Fry 2
    6.The Guns of Navarone/Lakshya
    7.Missisipi Burning/Aakrosh
    8.The Godfather/Sarkar
    9.Life In a Metro/

  6. Roerich Bansal

    1. An Education and Anjaana Anjaani

    2. Charade (1963) AND Chura liya hai tumne (2003) starring Esha Deol and Zayed Khan

    3. Amelie

    4. District B13 (or Banlieue 13) AND Krrish

    5. Bheja Fry AND Le Dîner de Cons (aka The Dinner Game) AND Dinner for Schmucks AND Bheja Fry 2

    6. The guns of Navarone AND Lakshya

    7. Mississippi Burning AND Aakrosh

    8. The Usual Suspects AND Chocolate

    9. The Apartment AND Life in a metro

    10. It happened one night (remade as Dil hai ki manta nahithe


    2)chura liya hain tumne and charade
    4)bhagam bhag and district 13(parkour is d sport)
    5)Bheja Fry and Diner de cons
    6)The Guns of Navarone and
    8)Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets and The Usual Suspects

  8. Arindam Phukan

    1)An Education;Anjana Anjani
    2)Charade;Chura Liya Hai Tumne
    4)District 13;Dhoom2
    5)The Dinner Game(french);Dinner for Schmucks(Hollywood);Bheja Fry
    6)The Guns of Navarone;Lakshya
    7)Mississippi Burning;Aakrosh
    8)The Usual Suspects;Chocolate
    9)The Apartment;Life in a Metro
    10)It Happened one Night;Chori Cori(1950s);Dil Hain ke Manta Nahin(1990s)

  9. kapinjal chowdhury

    1. an education, anjaana anjaani.
    2. charade, chura liya he tumne.
    3. amelie.
    4. district 13, dhoom-2.
    5. les diner de cons, bheja fry, bheja fry-2.
    6. the guns of navarone.
    7. burning mississipi, aakrosh.
    8. sarkar, godfather.
    9. the apartment, life in a metro.
    10. it happened one night, chori chori, dil he ki maan ta he nahin.

  10. Vikas Sahu

    1. An Education / Anjana Anjaani
    2. Charade / Chura liya hai tumne
    3. Amelie
    4. Banilieue 13 / Dhoom 2?
    5. Bheja Fry / Le Diner de Cons / Dinner for Schmucks
    6. Guns of Navaronne / Lakshya
    7. Mississippi Burning / Aakrosh
    8. The Usual Suspects / Chocolate
    9. The Apartment / Life in a… Metro
    10. It happened one night, Chori Chori, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi and bonus answer for you: This scene was used in Sanjay Dutt’s Inaam Dus Hazaar too :)

  11. Debashri

    2. Angrezi film …. ‘Charade’
    4. ‘District 13′ is the French film…. I am not sure about the Hindi one… but I think it is ‘Krish’
    6. The English movie I am almost sure is ‘Guns of Navarone’…. the Hindi one… would it be ‘Lakshya’? (since they climb the hill…. war scenario…. so I am guessing its that one…. I was earlier thinking maybe
    LOC but I think it released a year earlier)

    Let me know…. :). I am excited…

  12. Vedanuj Goswami

    1.British Film is “An education”
    2010 Movie that copied its poster is “Anjaana Anjaani”
    2.The Bird. bollywood movie is “Baaz: A Bird in Danger”
    3.In Ghajini the scene where Asin is helping a blind man cross the road is a direct lift from the french film Amelie Poulain.
    4.District B13(Banlieue 13).Faana.
    5.Le Diner de Cons is the French movie.Bollywood remake is Bheja Fry.
    6.The Guns of Navarone by Alaister Mclaine. Bollywood movie is Lakshya
    7.The 2010 Hindi film, Aakrosh is based on Missisipi burning of 1988.
    8.Usual Suspects(1995). Chocolate(2005)
    9.The Apartment. Life in a Metro (Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother)
    10.It Happened One Night. The 1956 Bollywood film Chori Chori, starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis Dutt, was inspired by it. Remake is Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, starring Aamir Khan and Pooja Bhatt.

  13. Bidyut Bikash Bailung

    1. An Education… Anjana Anjani..
    2. Charade… Chura Liya Hai Tumne .
    3. Amelie.
    4. Banlieue 13.. Zinda..
    5. Bheja Fry .. Le Diner de Cons.
    6. Guns of Navarone… Lakshya.
    7. Mississipi Burning… Aakrosh.. Priyadarshan
    8. The Usual suspect.. Kevin Spacey and the Bollywood rip off is Choclate ..
    9. The Apartment .. It provided a part of the story for Life in a Metro. It was also the last fully B&W movie to win the Academy award for Best Movie.. Shilpa Shetty- Big Boss..
    10. The movie is It Happened One Night. The remakes are Chori Chori and Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi.

  14. Sourobh Das

    1.An education
    2.Charade, Chura liya hai tumne
    4.District B13
    5.Bheja Fry, Le Diner de Cons
    7.Mississippi Burning, Aakrosh
    8.The Usual Suspects, Chocolate
    9.Life in a …..metro, The Apartment
    10.It happened one night


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