Cinephilia Quiz 4: The Cricket Quiz

Hi all,

Today’s quiz is about Cricket. Yes, I am deviating from my usual stuff to celebrate the beginning of this new test series. The questions have been mainly contributed by Vikas Tripathi with minor contributions from my side.


Put your answers as comments.

They are being moderated and will be published only after the deadline.

You can make multiple attempts and in case of conflicts your last answer will be taken as final.

Every question is worth 10 points irrespective of difficulty level (for ease of calculation).


After a three month cycle, the top three cumulative score holders will be given certain prizes. The nature of prizes are still being decided. (Please moderate your expectations, my resources are limited!!!)


24 hours from the moment of publishing.


1. Sitter to start with… Identify the historic occasion…

2. Who’s record is this? He is mostly remembered for being the victim in a famous incident. The assailant in that incident is otherwise known for his benevolence rather than his ferocity.

3. Identify this person who is involved in one of the first recorded instance of its kind that occurred during an India tour in the 1970s.

4. These three cricketers have practiced a certain art in test cricket. Name the art and the fourth member of this club.

5. Identify the cricketers and explain the rare distinction they hold. No points for identifying the left bottom guy.

6. He was a member of the Indian national team but that did not save him from poverty. He used to borrow equipments from a Parsi gentleman to practice and eventually he died penniless. To help his family, his employers organized a titillating show to raise money after all the appeals from cricket organizations for public donations had failed.

7. Born in a country that was the cradle of an ancient civilization, he made his first debut in early 70s and his second debut in the early 90s. Name him.

8. In what first class record are they involved?

9. This painter, author and musician who opted out of the history books of Indian cricket for uncertain reasons. Identify him.

10. This Kanpur born cricketer registered the best bowling analysis by any player in test matches against England. Incidentally, it was the 100th test match. Name the cricketer (Please move out of the proverbial box).


1. The 2nd ever tied test. Maninder Singh is given out LBW and the scores between Australia and India are tied.
2. Tilak Raj, who was hit by Ravi Shastri for six 6s in an over.
3. John Lever, who was involved in the Vaseline controversy and doctoring the ball.
4. Mankading: Bill Brown was run out by Vinoo Mankad… as pointed out by a couple of you, one of the pic should include the bowler instead of the batsman… hope it din’t cost anyone..
5. Parthiv Patel, Budhi Kunderan, Vivek Razdan: They made their first class debut in a test match… i.e. even before playing Ranji.
6. Dattaram Hindlekar. He died early and his employers arranged a cabaret show to raise Rs 7000 for his family. Incidentally Vijay Manjerekar was his nephew who rose to prominence afterwards.
7. John Traicos, SA & Zimbabwe
8. Pakistan Railways beat Dera Ismail Khan by an innings and 851 runs. Greatest winning margin in first calss cricket.
9. Maharaja of Porbandar who gave up an opportunity to captain India and let C.K.Nayudu become the first Indian test captain.
10. Neetu David. While almost all quizzers are males, it’s good to see that not all of them are male chauvinists. Kudos to the ones who got it.

Good performances overall. Thanks for participation.
Manish and Ritwik top score with perfect 10s.

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14 thoughts on “Cinephilia Quiz 4: The Cricket Quiz


    1) 86-87 test between india and australia ending in a tie,when maninder singh was given lbw at the last ball of the match!
    5)Budhi Kunderan,vivek razdan,parthiv patel-they are the only indian cricketers to play a test match without playing any first class match!
    8)In 1964 PAKISTAN Railways set the first-class cricket record for the greatest winning margin in a match defeating their opponent Dera Ismail Khan by an innings and 851 runs
    9)Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji (The Maharaja of Porbandar)

  2. Roerich Bansal

    1. Maninder Singh protests at being given out lbw to Greg Matthews as the Madras test at Chepauk in september 1986 ties only to become the second test in history to tie. India neede four runs to win it in the final over of the day

    2. Tilak Raj (hit for 6 6’s by Shastri)

    3. John Lever England (Vaseline incident)England’s tour of India 1977

    4. A SLIGHT MISTAKE (the connect is run outs by bowlers and the missing guy is MH (Vinoo) Mankad)…. The guy on bottom right is Derek Randall and should be replaced by Chatfield as Randall was the victim)

    5.Indian cricketers who played a Test before making an appearance in the Ranji Trophy


    7. Imran Khan

    8. Pakistan Railways Vs Dera Ismail Khan [record for greatest winning margin by an innings and 851 runs] in 1964. The dot in the map is representing the city of Dera Ismail Khan

    9.Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji (Maharaja of Porbandar)


  3. Mit Chowdhury

    01. The 2nd ever tied test. Maninder Singh is given out LBW and the scores between Australia

    and India are tied.

    02. Tilak Raj, who was hammered by Ravi Sastri for 6 6s in an over.


    04. Vinoo Mankad. Vinoo Mankad, Charlie Griffith, Ewen Chatfield and Alan Hurst are the 4

    bowles who have mankaded in tests

    05. Budhi Kunderan (left) and Vivek Razdan (right), along with Parthiv Patel, made their

    test debut without playing a single Ranji match.


    07. John Traicos, who was of Greek origin and was born in Egypt. He made his test debut for

    SA, after which SA was banned from test cricket. He then had a gap of 22 years, and

    eventually played for Zimbabwe.

    08. The biggest winning margin in 1st class cricket, when Pakistan Railways defeated Dera

    Ismail Khan by an innings and 851 runs.

    09. Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji, the Maharaja of Porbandar. He was supposed to captain India in

    its 1st ever test at Lord’s in 1932, although sanity prevailed and C.K.Nayudu led India eventually. The actual reason for this shoker, to have a royalty stepping down is debated, and some theories indicate that there could have been a revolt by the players.

    10. Neetu David, in Women’s test. [golden rule of quizzing- when the gender is not specified by pronouns, then go for a lady]

  4. Manish Achuth

    1. Tied Test at Madras 1986.
    2. Tilak Raj and Ravi Shastri
    3. John Lever, vaseline controvery, ball tampering
    4. Mankading -> Bill Brown run out by Vinoo Mankad
    5. Parthiv Patel, Budhi Kunderan, Vivek Razdan – they made their first class debut in a test match.
    6. Dattaram Hindlekar
    7. John Traicos
    8. Pakistan Railways beat Dera Ismail Khan by an innings and 851 runs. Greatest winning margin.
    9. Maharaja of Porbandar – gave up captaincy and let C.K.Nayudu lead the Indian team in the first test match.
    10. Neetu David.

  5. Dipankar Rafael Sarma

    1.India vs Australia Test.In the pic M.Singh protestiong against the umpire’s decision of LBW in Matthews’ ball resulting in a draw.
    3.John Lever
    5.Vivek Razdan,Parthiv patel
    8.highest partnership
    9.Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji(Maharaja of Porbandar)
    10.Vinoo Mankad

  6. Rithwik

    1.The second tied Test took place in Madras when Greg Matthews trapped Maninder Singh with the penultimate delivery of the match
    2.Tilak Raj , Ravi Shastri’s sixer wala , first by an indian .
    3.Vaseline incident – first publicised ‘doctoring’ (using unfair means to enhance the swing or seam abilities) of the cricket ball by a bowler
    4.Instances of Mankaded in test cricket
    IR Redpath by Charlie Griffith
    DW Randall by Ewan Chatfield (shud ve added ewan’s pic)
    Sikander Bakht by Alan Hurst
    The missing one is offcurse the namesake Vino Mankad (Bill Brown)
    5. Budhi Kunderan, Parthiv Patel, Vivek Razdan – made their Test debut before Ranji debut
    6.Dattaram Dharmaji Hindlekar
    7.John Traicos
    8.Pakistan Railways v Dera Ismail Khan – Pakistan Railways won by an innings and 851 runs – The greatest test class win in terms of runs .
    9.Maharaja of Porbandar
    10.Neetu David

    Nice quiz . really enjoyed !

  7. kapinjal chowdhury

    1.Maninder Singh protested when he was given out lbw to Greg Matthews as the Test ended in a draw!
    2. ravi shastri made him cry big time.:) he is tilak raj!
    3. john denver, vaseline incident!
    4. Instances of Mankading in Test cricket. ofcourse bill brown by vinoo mankad!
    5. budhi kunderan, vivek razdan, parthiv patel…they played their first test before playing any first class cricket!

    8. pakistan railways, dera ismail khan–highest winning margin score! won by staggering 851 runs!

    9.he owned more Rolls Royces than he had made runs.:) maharaja of porbander, refused to take the captaincy and handed it over to c.k nadu–the first indian test captain!
    10. bob woolmer!

  8. nakul

    1. only the second Test in history was tied.

    2.Tilak Raj- unfortunate victim of Ravi Shastri’s six sixes.

    5. Three Indian cricketers of the post-Ranji Trophy era played Test cricket before they appeared in a Ranji match – Kunderan, Vivek Razdan and Parthiv Patel.

    8.first-class cricket record for the greatest winning margin in a match

    9.Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji (The Maharaja of Porbandar)

  9. Dipankar Rafael Sarma

    5.The players are Budhi Kunderan,Vivek Razdan and Parthiv Patel.The three players to play Test cricket without playing first class cricket.

  10. Rajdeep chakraborty

    1.Maninder Singh LBW incident.
    2.Manoj Provakor.
    3, Graham yallop. Helmet.
    5.the right one is Vivek razdan. and left one is Budhi Kundaran.and ofcourse Parthiv patel.
    7.John Trycos
    8.The first 1st class match of Ranjit Singh ji.
    10.Jasubhai patel.took 1st ninewicket in an innings for India.

  11. A.N.Other

    >> 5. Parthiv Patel, Budhi Kunderan, Vivek Razdan: They made their first class debut in a test match… i.e. even before playing Ranji.

    Correction – they played Tests before playing Ranji, but none of them made their first class debut in a Test match.


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