Cinephilia Quiz Cycle 1: Scores and Winners


After five rounds of quizzing, here are the cumulative scores. I have rounded up some of the scores for convenience but I don’t think it will affect the standings anyways.

I have decided to give away two prizes instead of one to increase the probability of winning. I understand that the amount is small but that is what I can afford now. Will try to keep three prizes next cycle onwards.

As one can see, the most consistent participant is more likely to win. There were some great individual performances in a few quizzes but unfortunately they could not participate in all of them. Hope to see more consistent participation next time.

So, the winners are,
Roerich Bansal
Vedanuj Goswami

Winners please put your mail IDs as comments here so that I can send the voucher code.

Prizes: Flipkart e-vouchers worth INR 300 & 200 only.

Reason for using this Flipkart Voucher:
1. It saves my work like collecting address or account numbers of people to send such miniscule amounts.
2. Winners don’t have to spend sleepless nights under constant threat of getting their account hacked after providing the details to me.
3. Vouchers remain valid for 1 year and you can wait to gather a few more vouchers so that you can use them together for a more substantial purchase.

Thanks for playing

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