Cinephilia Quiz 5: Doordarshan

Hi all,

Today’s quiz dedicated to the nostalgic memories of Doordarshan. Have faced a hard time finding pictures and information due to traditional systematic apathy of the organization towards its own heritage. It’s been created in collaboration with Vikas Tripathi.


Put your answers as comments.

They are being moderated and will be published only after the deadline.

You can make multiple attempts and in case of conflicts your last answer will be taken as final.

Every question is worth 10 points irrespective of difficulty level (for ease of calculation).


I have decided to finish this cycle with this quiz. For this cycle, due to extreme poverty, I will give only one prize worth Rs 500 to the cumulative winner. More plans are on regarding the next phases and hope we’ll be able to dole out more prizes next cycle onwards.


24 hours from the moment of publishing.

1. A sitter to begin with…. Connect them and give me a classic DD serial.

2. How can you connect this logo with the person below? (Please ignore the third finger, it is purely coincidental)

3. Identify this Maharashtrian politician who started his career with the newly found Socialist party at one point of time but later on changed his allegiance. Also explain why he is in this quiz.

4. This guy is related to these three films but he is more famous for his exploits in the field under discussion here. Who’s he?

5. A recent ad that is a throwback to the golden age of DD. Identify the advertiser and also identify the two personalities.

6. Connect and give me the personality.

7. Identify the people being interviewed here and also the interviewer. What distinction does the interviewer hold?

8. X did something in the year Sholay released. Popularity of X’s act was so much that an encore was done after 10 years. Who is X? What am I talking about?

9. Connect

10. Connect (not exhaustive)



Here are the answers:

Maximum number of page visits for this quiz but miniscule participation. Only 7 unique entries is disappointing.

I will update cumulative scores later on.

1.Buniyaad: The writer Manohar Shyam Joshi and directors Ramesh Sippy & Jyoti Sarup
2.Jungle Book: Logo of Nippon Animation which adapted Jungle book into an anime version. It was later dubbed in hindi by doordarshan where Nana Patekar voiced for Sher Khan.
3.Vasant Sathe: As Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting he initiated the process which led to Indian television(DD) moving into colour broadcasting for the Asian Games 1984 and Hum Log the first colour Indian soap-opera.
4.Master Manjunath acted as a child artist in these films but he was more famous as Swami of Malgudi Days. He did not pursue an acting career later on.
5.Ads by Ebay: Features 80s popular hosts Dr Narrotam Puri and Komal GB Singh as themselves.
6.Bhisham Sahni: Acted in Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho!, Tamas and Little Buddha and in fact Tamas was based on his novel of teh smae name.
7.Pratima Puri(First newsreader on Doordarshan) interviewing Yuri gagarin in 1965.
8.The iconic LIRIL Ad featuring Karen Lunel, an airhostess with Indian Airlines in lime green bikini.It was first shot in 1975 and then again in 1985 considering its enduring popularity.
9.Surabhi: The Amul ad with clips from Manthan featuring Smita Patil was especially made for Surabhi. The competition postcards were also introduced for Surabhi as its weekly quizzes became too popular.
10. I wanted a specific answer for this one. Characters played by Om Puri in Bharat Ek Khoj. Ashoka, Rajaraja Chola, Krishna Devraya, Aurangzeb. He played some more but I could not verify all of them due to lack of online resources on the topic.

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9 thoughts on “Cinephilia Quiz 5: Doordarshan

  1. Prasanna

    1. Buniyaad
    2. Raju bangaya gentleman
    4. Master Manjunath
    7. Pratima Puri, First Indian News reader. Interviewing the First man to the space “Yuri Gagarin”
    9. It should be either Malgudi days or One english serial/show in which he comes as an anchor on Travel in india
    10. Sri Krishnadeva raya idol, Chiranjeevi painting in sri krishnadeva raya costumes n getup. Shah jahan idol n his painting… not sure of the leader name

  2. Roerich Bansal

    1. Buniyaad
    2. Voice of Sher Khan by Nana Patekar in The Jungle Book and logo of Nippon Animation which first adapted Jungle book into an animated version
    3. Congressman Vasanth Sathe (He was once the Information and Broadcasting minister and initiated the process of TV going colour in 80’s
    4. Master Manjunath ( played child Swami’s character in the Malgudi days)
    5.EBAY. (actors are Dr. Narottam Puri and Komal G B Singh)
    6. Bhisham Sahni acted in all these movies/serials
    7.Pratima Puri believed to be the first Doordarshan reader is interviewing Yuri Gagarin
    9. Manthan was sponsored by farmers that formed GCMMF cooperative which manages the Amul brand. Amul brand was the sponsor of “Surabhi” on DD national. The weekly contests on surabhi saw an influx of letters as it could be sent on a 15 paise card therefore Indian government had to issue a 2 rupee competition postcard
    10. A beautiful question I I could answer it coz I had it made in my repository, was still to use it, missed the chance…….. Historical character roles played by Om Puri in Bharat Ek Khoj television version by Benegal

  3. Vedanuj

    2.Jungle Book::Logo of Nippon Animation which first adapted Jungle book into an anime version.It was later dubbed in hindi by doordarshan. Nana Patekar voiced for Sher Khan.
    3.Vasant Sathe::as Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting he initiated the process which led to Indian television(DD) moving into colour broadcasting for the Asian Games 1984 and Hum Log the first colour Indian soap-opera.
    4.Manjunath Nayaker::Swami of Malgudi Days
    5.Ads by Ebay:Dr Narrotam Puri and Komal Singh anchors of the show.
    6.Bhisham Sahni::Famous for his novel and doordarshan serial Tamas(1986).Acted in Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho! and Little Buddha.
    7.Pratima Puri(First newsreader on Doordarshan) interviewing Yuri gagarin in 1965.
    8.LIRIL Ad 1985.This was the reshot of ad in 1975. The 1975 ad featured Karen Lunel, an airhostess with Indian Airlines in green bikini.There were rumors that she died in a fatal accident. The accident did happen, but she survived after some stitches. This ad was only to ascertain that she is alive.
    9.Surabhi::Siddharth Kak and postcards.
    10.Bharat Ek Khoj::Different episodes are named after them.

  4. kapinjal chowdhury

    1. buniyaad.
    3. vasant sathe, information and broadcasting minister, initiated hum log!
    3. SWAMI.:)( dat person played swami’s role in malgudi days)
    6. something with mohan joshi?
    7. pratima puri with yuri gagarin, she is india’s first television newsreader

  5. arindam

    1) Buniyaad. The writer Manohar Joshi and director Ramesh Sippy
    2) The Jungle Book.The logo is of Nippon Animation whose original production was the animated show and Nana Patekar gave the voice of Sher Khan.
    3) Vasant Sathe who was India’s I&B Minister and during his tenure he visited Mexico and got the idea of making a television series. The result was Hum Log.
    4) Master Manjunath of Malgudi Days (Swami)fame.
    5) E Bay Way ad starring Dr. Narottam Puri andKomal Singh.
    6) Tamas, Little Buddha and Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho. Bisham Sahni acted in these film and Tamas was based on his novel.
    7) Pratima Puri, the first Newsreader of DD interviewing Yuri Gagarin and probably his wife.
    8)Is it Helen?
    9)Amul ad and Competitive postcards which were released after surabhi quiz became popular.
    So the connection is Amul Surabhi.
    10) Ashoka, Chola, Aurangzeb and Prithviraj were all different episodes of Bharat Ek Khoj.

  6. daktar

    7. First news presenter on DD
    10. Series aired on DD- Sword of Tipu Sultan, The Great Maratha…
    9. Something to do with Operation Flood
    2. Nana? 😀


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