Cinephilia Cycle 3: Quiz 1- Dafa 302



After more than a year, I am trying to resurrect these quizzes. This cycle will contain 4/5 quizzes based on my convenience. The cumulative winner gets a real prize at the end of this circle.

Today’s QM is also Vikas Tripathi with little additions by me.

Today’s topic is obscure acts of crime.


Put your answers as comments.

They are being moderated and will be published only after the deadline.

You can make multiple attempts and in case of conflicts your last answer will be taken as final.

Every question is worth 10 points irrespective of difficulty level (for ease of calculation).

Answers will be declared on 30th Oct Midnight.

1. Easy one to start with… Identify Him. He shares his name with a popular pop culture figure.

2. Two perfectly happy couples. But one person is common in both pics. Gimme the “alleged” story.

3. This happened in 1997 at A, where members of B had killed 50+ people allegedly as revenge for a incident in 1992 where members of a certain community were killed by C. Killing started with members of B killing boatmen, who had helped them to cross over to A, followed indiscriminate firing. Identify A, B, C.

4. X was one of the first person to be convicted in a case relating to bribery in independent India. He took a certain amount from a comapny and issued fake documents to help them. He died in prision while serving the sentence.
Hint: X’s son is a better known personality.

5. X is a millionaire and self confessed Marxist. He has worked for a nationalized, foreign exchange speculation and derivatives. He also wrote for a famous newspaper in Thailand and his other interests included mining and companies in lot many countries. Currently under trial in Thailand over charges of fraud, he was supporter of far left parties India and Nepal in his good days. Identify X

6. This 19th Century incident has inspired paintings and plays. Angered by the love affair between priest of ________ temple and his wife, the man decapitated the woman. The event caught public imagination and inspired artworks such as the following. Just FITB.

7. X transformed Y so much in India that there were slogans of Indira Hatao, X ko PM banao. It is said Y began at a time when money was bet on opening and closing rates of cotton in New York. Identify X and Y.

8. X was raped by her father in law (FIL) and later, the village kangaroo court declared that X should treat her FIL as husband. This was later supported by a religious seminary as well causing outrage all over the country forcing police to arrest X’s FIL. Identify X.

9. X is a failed actor and producer who acted in some 90s bollywood movie did a remake of one of his father’s(F) better knows films. F, mother(M) and sister(S) died 2 years before X made his debut in boolywood when, under influence of alchohol X’s father shot M, S and himself. Identify X

10. He died in a bomb blast when he went went for a inauguration and at that time, PM of India blamed it on foreign elements. Mitrokhin Archives claim he was on payroll of KGB. His murder case is still unsolved after 30+ years even after session court is hearing it on a day by day basis.


Answers and Scores

1. Dara Singh, known for Graham Steins murder

2. Amita Singh, a formder Badminton Champion now married to politician Sanjay Singh, But she was once married to badminton star Syed Modi who was shot dead in 1988 in Lucknow… and as you can see, there are speculations…

3. A = Laxmanpur-Bathe, B = Ranvir Sena, C = Maoists

4. Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh

5. Rakesh Saxena

6. Tarakeswar Shiva

7. X = Ratan Khatri, Y = Matka

8. Imrana case

9. Kamal Sadanah

10. Lalit Narayan Mishra

Arnav Sinha 10
Himanshu Upreti 10
Shyamal 9
Kapinjal Chowdhury 9
Darshan Godhia 8
Kaustav Chakravorty 1

Keep playing… the next quiz in the cycle will come after a couple of weeks as I will be travelling for a week…

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7 thoughts on “Cinephilia Cycle 3: Quiz 1- Dafa 302

  1. Shyamal

    Here are the answers –

    1. Dara Singh (Graham Staines murder accused)
    2. Top two are Amita Singh (Modi) and Sanjay Singh who were accused of conspiring to murder the former’s ex husband and badminton champion Syed Modi
    5. Rakesh Saxena
    6. Love scandal involving priest of Tarakaswar temple in kolkata
    7. Matka king Ratan khatri
    8. Imrana rape case
    9. Kamal Sadanah
    10. Lalit Narayan Misra, ex railway minister

  2. Darshan Godhia

    1. Dara Singh
    2. Amita Modi, the love triangle b/w Amita, Sanjay Singh, Syed Modi
    5. Rakesh Saxena
    6. Tarakeswar Shiva
    7. Ratan Khatri, Gambling/Betting
    8. Imrana Bibi
    9. Kamal Sadanah
    10. Lalit Mishra

  3. Kapinjal Chowdhury

    1. Dara singh
    2. Amita singh , present wife of sanjay singh, former wife of syed modi known as amita modi then, alleged murder of syed modi , 8 times Indian Badminton national champ.
    3. A- laxmanpur bathe, B- ranvir sena, C- MCC
    4. S A venkataraman , cycle import scam
    5. Rakesh saxena
    6. The Tarakeswar affair (also known as the Tarakeswar scandal or the Mohant-Elokeshi affair
    7. Ratan khatri, matka revolution in India.
    8. Imrana, Imrana rape case.
    9. kamal sadanah
    10. lalit narayan mishra.

  4. Arnav Sinha

    1. Dara Singh

    2. Amita Singh, married now to politician Sanjay Singh, was once married to badminton star Syed Modi. Syed Modi was shot dead in 1988 in Lucknow, and Sanjay Singh (and Amita Modi) allegedly were involved.

    3. A = Lamanpur-Bathe, B = Ranvir Sena, C = Maoists

    4. Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh

    5. Rakesh Saxena

    6. Tarakeswar Shiva

    7. X = Ratan Khatri, Y = Matka

    8. Imrana

    9. Kamal Sadanah

    10. Lalit Narayan Mishra

  5. Himanshu Upreti

    1. Dara Singh

    2. 1st pic – Sanjay Singh and Amita Singh (Syed Modi’s ex wife ) 2nd pic – Syed Modi (Eight Time National Badminton Champion) and Amita Singh (his then wife)

    It was alleged in the probe that the then UP minister Sanjay Singh and the wife of Syed Modi (Amita Singh) had hired professional killer to kill Syed. However , the conspiracy wasn’t proved and the case was closed by giving life imprisonment to Bhagwati Singh ( one of the surviving accused ) without establishing any motive of killing. Ah , the Typical Indian Judicial System

    3. Laxmanpur Bathe massacre

    A- Laxmanpur Bathe (Bihar) – ( My friend is from there by the way )
    B- Ranvir Sena (Bhumihar landlords)
    C- Naxalites (Maoists)

    4. Shiv Bahadur Singh (Father of Arjun Singh)

    5. Rakesh Saxena

    6. Tarakeswar Temple

    7. X – Ratan Khatri ; Y- Matka (a form of Gambling)

    8. Imrana

    9. Kamal Sadanah (Victoria No. 203 was the remake by the way)

    10. Lalit Narayan Mishra

  6. Kaustav Chakravorty

    1.The Person is Dara Singh the person who burned Christian Missionary family in Orissa.

    2.Anything Related to Jessica Lal murder case?


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