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GQF 2- Kumbh the MELA Quiz

These are the questions and answers from the MELA quiz I conducted at the Guwahati Quiz Festival 2 in January. I was only one of the two QMs so basically I did half a quiz. I am putting the prelims questions first. 20 questions prelims and I made 10 of them. I will put up the mains questions later.

Q1. This 1948 film is one of the early hits by Dilip Kumar. A typical story of star-crossed lovers, it also starred Nargis and Noor Jehan. Just name it.
(Look at the background for clues)


Q2.Cary Grant at Berlinale circa 1959… ID the Lady with him.

Q3.Sandokan is an Italian series of fictional pirate adventure novels set in the late 19th century South East Asia. The most popular adaptation of Sandokan was a Italian TV miniseries where a non-European actor played the title role. Who?

Q4. Identify this cocktail (While remembering the fact that it is a MELA Quiz).
1 to 1 1/2 oz (30 to 45 mL) Vodka
1/2 to 1 1/2 oz (15 to 45 mL) Kahlua (Coffee Liqueur)
Cream, Half & Half, or Milk (to fill or top off the glass)


Q5. There are two popular Hong Kong actors who have the exact same name (XY). In order to avoid confusion, one is called the Big X while the other one is called the Little X, indicating their actual physical stature. Little X has had a more critically acclaimed career. He was recently in news in India too but strangely spotlight was not on him. Name him.

Q6. Watch this Video carefully. It is from a biopic of a major literary figure who is trying to do something here. Just tell me who he is or what happens after this.

Q7. XY is a 1991 Bollywood film. It was an average grosser starring an actor who went on to become a superstar.
On the other hand YX is a 1995 film. A good example of Bollywood’s nepotism, it starred the producer/director’s brother. Although a surprise hit, the actor never achieved any success again.
Give the names of the films.

Q8. Please watch this mildly homoerotic clip. A certain work of a legendary Indian author is being referenced here. Identify.
(Clue: Do not bother about the 7 stages of Love… that’s NOT what I am looking for)

Q9. Connect (Explanation will do but must be specific). 3rd one is a Tam film called Yaamirukka Bayamei

Q10. Blue Lobster is a surrealist film in which a foreign intelligence agent called El Gringo, who investigates the presence of radioactivity in some lobsters caught in a fishing village in the Caribbean. As he takes a break at his hotel, a cat steals the lobster.
Colombian journalist and author Alvaro Cepeda Samudio made this experimental film in collaboration with his friend who is known to us all for other reasons. Name this friend.



A1. The mandatory meta question

A2. Jnanada Kakati at Berlin for Puberun (1959)

A3. Kabir Bedi

A4. White Russian (Recipe credit)

A5. Tony Leung…
Tony Leung Chiu Wai is Little one. He recently visited India for Goa film fest and was subjected to the now viral DD interview with the following lady.


A6. Yukio Mishima trying to incite a coup.
The effort fails and he commits Harakiri afterwards.
(Film: Mishima- A Life in Four Chapters by Paul Schrader)


A8. Ismat Chughtai’s Lihaaf

A9. Remakes of Kim Ji Woon’s Films

A10. Gabriel Garcia Marquez